About Us

The Hobby Shop You Always Wanted

Hobby Adventures was created off of a love for two things. Anime and Dungeons and Dragons. Hobbyist are always looking for the next big item to fit on their Podium of Epic proportions. 

When I first started I wanted to located specific statues of my favorite characters and Anime. I was not introduced into the world of Figurines till I was in my late 20's when My friends started sending me Funko Pops and my Dark Magician Girl from the Yugi-oh Series. 


Since then I have been hooked - searching far and wide for the after market items we all love to have decorate our rooms with.


At Hobbyist Adventures we supply just that - after market Products of your favorite Comic and Anime Characters, T-Shirts of Pop culture - and Video Game references. From Dragon Ball Z - to Star Wars, we strive to meet the needs of our ever growing clients. 



Please let us know if you have any suggesting or comments.