Anime Month Give Away

Anime Month Give Away

Posted by Sebastian McCall on 24th Jun 2020

As the opening of Dragon Novels begin and the dawn of the horde is among us. Anime Month is among us and the best way to support is to show individuals our anime spirit. Since I thought it would be cool to create a banner that would signify my love for anime and fighters I decided to create a banner for Anime Month. This image right here of Sakura Kasugano from the Street Fighter series. Since she is the first person I have ever gotten good at and I just love her spirit and tenacity to always strive better. 

During COVID-19 I think It would be best to say we all got to have our spirits lifted a little. So then I had an idea. I went to my distributor and found only one more of Sakura left for purchase. In May the New Punisher War machine comes out as a Previews Exclusive. So to Support the Anime Cause and the Stores Grand Opening I have decided to make a Give Away. 

This give away is currently only for the US as of right now (We will be making more for international once we get logistics figured out) 

Now there is more than one way to enter into the giveaway!

If you go to this link below, create an account, and follow the ways you can enter: you will be well on your way to winning these cool items.

2 Winners will get the Punisher War Machine 

1 Random Winner will get the Sakura Kasugano for their awesome Collection. 

So Show your support share this with your friends and show us your Anime Spirit. Tune in for more!

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