Dragon Novelties Site Back Online

Dragon Novelties Back Online

Hello all our wonderful otakus. Dragon Novelties would like to say Happy New Year and salutations as we kick off the new year. With that being said - our website is back online! Yes, your herd right - we had some mishaps and short comings in the beginning which caused some issues. 

Items not being corrected - some issues with Eco systems completely coming to a halt (NO GOOD). So we decided to make that change and leap and create a whole new website, completely revamped, and with more features and selections to help smooth the purchasing experience. We are also able to add a brand new Blogging area for those who want to know more about what the Dragon Novelties clan has been up to. Here we will keep everything 100% and add more anime content that you all love and dream about from yours's truly. Even got the cool Blog site back up!

So whole you are here stick around - check it out for a bit and keep yourself in the loop with new updated information. We thank everyone for the support and oncoming NEW START!! Come Check us out!


- See you soon Space Cowboy!