Vinland Saga Deluxe 6


She yearns for the excitement of the open sea. But all the men in her life have always told her that women can’t be sailors. Can Gudrid find a way to freedom? Or will she waste away like a bird in chains? The violent and complex action epic that inspired the hit anime returns, in premium, 3-in-1, collector’s hardcovers!

Includes volumes 16-18 of the Japanese edition of Vinland Saga and new bonus content.

Since she was a child, Gudrid has been entranced by the wide world beyond the sea, stowing away on Leif Ericson's ship every chance she got...only to be dragged back home and told that a good Norse girl must protect the home and raise a family. Now a widow at 19, she is all of an hour into her second marriage when she absentmindedly stabs her new husband in the leg in their wedding bed. Gudrid flees to Thorfinn and Leif's ship, but they have a risky voyage ahead to fund their ambitions in Vinland. With success (and even survival) uncertain, is there room on the ship for an inexperienced girl, just married to the son of a ruthless landlord?

This premium, hardcover edition presents the acclaimed action epic in hardcover, at a bigger size than ever before (7 by 10 inches), wrapped in a black leather-patterned cover with logo stamping. This new edition features all the content of the original release, plus new and exclusive bonus illustrations, interviews, and behind-the-scenes details never before translated.

This oversized collection includes volumes 16-18 of the Japanese edition of Vinland Saga, plus 53 pages of bonus content:

* Makoto Yukimura's samurai short story "For Our Farewell Is Near," presented in its entirety in English for the first time
* A new introduction to "For Our Farewell Is Near" by the author, never before published in English
* Faux leather covers featuring an inscription in Attic Greek commemorating Thorfinn's voyage to Miklagard


PUBLISHER: Kodansha Comics


  • Mystery, Thriller & Crime Manga
  • Action & Adventure Manga

PAGES: 640

LAN: en


  • Makoto Yukimura