Armstrong Challenge: Get Ready!

Armstrong Challenge: Get Ready!

Posted by Sebastian McCall on 14th Sep 2020

Approaching the Front!

Since we have been kicking it off - the store has been taking a few set back blows because of COVID - 19, but our infamous ARMSTRONG CHALLENGE is still underway and gaining that tracking for everyone to see. I want everyone to know how excited we are here at Dragon Novelties to even pull something like this off. This brings tears of joy to our eyes.

What is the Armstrong Challenge?

Well Kiba boy, I thought you never ask. It is based off the elite Louis Armstrong who is bold and Manly with a soft spot for the weak and the Elric Brothers. This even is not meant to weed out the weak, but to bring us together during rough times and bring the excitement. I know indivdials would like to learn more about the event and we placed a link to the Armstrong Challenge right here! The reason the store is doing this is because we want to see some transformations You and your friends has a chance to obtain some glory amongts the Dragon Novelty ranks and enjoy a good Manga on our behalf. 

What would I have to do? 

It is simple really, just go to the site - enter and complete the items at hand to achieve