Type: Manga

Count Dracula is reborn as a katana-wielding young vampiress in a new, never-seen-before action manga set in a gritty, alternate-history Europe. Fans of cinematic, gory, supernatural alternate histories, like Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, and Dance in the Vampire Bund, will want to sink their fangs into BLOOD BLADE.

Made in Japan, published in English!

Having narrowly escaped being blown to pieces, Count Vlad squares off against the mercenaries known as Grace and Gramps. However, what began as a battle to the death takes an unexpected turn when the pair end up joining the band of travelers. Count Vlad soon stumbles across none other than the Justiciar, the man who had him executed in the distant past. The Justiciar then recounts the tragic story of his imprisonment and his son’s death. Yet he may not have been entirely forthcoming, as Count Vlad and friends soon learn when they cross paths with a young assassin...


PUBLISHER: Kodansha Comics


  • Mystery, Thriller & Crime Manga
  • Horror Manga
  • Action & Adventure Manga

PAGES: 208

LAN: en


  • Oma Sei