Gundam SEED Strike Freedom MGEX 1:100 Model Kit

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Type: Model Kit

This product is a Pre-Order, The expected release date is currently 1ST QUARTER 2023 - this is subject to change.

Gundam SEED Strike Freedom MGEX 1:100 Model Kit:

With three types of special plating, two metallic parts colors, and etching stickers, get ready to experience the highest "metal expression" in the history of Gunpla! This fully articulated, high-end Mobile Suit: Gundam SEED Destiny Strike Freedom Gundam Master Grade Extreme 1:100 Scale Model Kit offers a whole new experience where the movements of the parts are linked in an almost organic manner. After assembling the gold inner frame, enjoy the step-by-step assembly process to attach the exterior armor parts! This offers a simulated experience that allows you to put together an actual Mobile Suit with your own hands. The ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam includes a variety of armaments such as the Long Beam Rifle, Xiphias 3 Rail Cannon, Super Lacterta Beam Saber, and a Beam Shield! Add this awesome model kit to your Gundam collection!