My Girlfriend's Not Here Today Vol. 1

Type: Manga

In this salacious yuri/Girls’ Love tale by the creator of Transparent Light Blue, one young woman becomes trapped in a cycle of blackmail and infidelity.

Pent up and tired of her apathetic girlfriend, Asahina Yuni turns to an anonymous online account to let it all out. It’s just another day of doomscrolling after class when Asahina gets swept away in conversation with the beautiful, outgoing Taki. When Taki turns out to be following Asahina's private account, it’s cute…right? Taki would never blackmail Asahina…right? With every new lie, the web of secrets and erotic desire grows ever-tighter!




  • Yuri Manga
  • Mystery, Thriller & Crime Manga
  • Fantasy Manga

PAGES: 168

LAN: en


  • Kiyoko Iwami