Soul Eater: The Perfect Edition 17


Experience the quirky, action-packed adventures of Maka and Soul Eater like never before, with this all-new, deluxe collector’s edition to celebrate Atsushi Ohkubo’s global hit!!

Series finale! The young heroes of DWMA pull out all the stops against the Kishin. Maka taps into her black blood through Soul’s piano; Black*Star unlocks his full potential alongside Tsubaki; Kid awakens the power of a true reaper with Liz and Patty’s support. At the end of the long fight, will it be courage or fear that reigns supreme?

Meisters and their Weapons take on a whole new look in the gorgeous Soul Eater: The Perfect Edition!

Dive into Maka and Soul’s adventures in a unique larger format on high-end paper stock that maximizes the dynamic art of the series!

Each volume of this deluxe omnibus edition of the megahit manga includes:

* The content of approximately 1½ original volumes!

* The original color pages from the manga’s Japanese serialization!

* An updated translation and lettering!

* Brand-new cover art drawn by creator Atsushi Ohkubo himself!


PUBLISHER: Square Enix Manga


  • Horror Manga
  • Fantasy Manga

PAGES: 240

LAN: en


  • Atsushi Ohkubo