The Blue Wolves of Mibu 2


Part 3 of the powerhouse story—The Blue Wolves of Mibu

The year is 1863. It is a turbulent time in Japan, as rising anxieties about the modernizing world coincide with the decline of the shogunate, and civil war looms. In Kyoto, that hub of old traditions, a group of ronin warriors called the Mibu Roshigumi is our window into the past…and they aren’t sure about any of these crazy western barbarians!

If you can’t bring the Shogun and his council of samurai into the 1860s willingly, what’s a leader to do? Call them simple peasants and then call them bandits and these wild westerners will get the 21st century in no time!

Try to rejoin the scrappy Mibu-Roshigumi as the action gets hotter and more complicated with a ton of great characters!


PUBLISHER: Kodansha Comics


  • Mystery, Thriller & Crime Manga
  • Action & Adventure Manga

PAGES: 208

LAN: en


  • Tsuyoshi Yasuda