Tsugumi Project 5

Type: ippatu

In this acclaimed, postapocalyptic action manga, a soldier named Leon is taken from his family on a trumped-up charge and dropped into a suicide mission to recover a dangerous weapon from a deadly place, a place ruled by huge, irradiated, mutated monsters--a place once known, 200 years ago, as Japan. One of the scant pieces of information they have is the weapon's codename: Tsugumi.

This gory, mysterious story, which has already thrilled readers in Japan and France, is an action-suspense epic in the vein of classics like Blame!, Spriggan, and AKIRA.

Leon and friends are back on the road to Sado, having narrowly survived a rocky reunion between Satake and her sister, Mikazuchi. Old wounds are healed, promises are made, and the seemingly ageless girl known as Tama becomes the newest addition to the party.

Just when things seem to be looking up, they run into a hulking, winged ape with a taste for “strange meat.” This foe may prove too great even for Satake, but Sado beckons across the sea. Is this the end of the line for the unlikely allies?


PUBLISHER: Kodansha Comics


  • Mystery, Thriller & Crime Manga
  • Science Fiction Manga
  • Action & Adventure Manga

PAGES: 192

LAN: en


  • ippatu