Pullbox FAQ

Can't Find that Item on our Catalog: Problem Solved Welcome to Pullbox!


Since Dragon Novelties' started this journey to provide our valued customers with their favorite Anime, Manga and Comics to satisfy their needs - we notice something was off. We are a small store - with a Very Huge Heart. We notice that we do not have the robust inventory that most comic bookshops hobby shops hold. 

Thanks to Diamond Comics; one of our values Partnerships that has blossomed into an extravagant ordeal. We are now partnering with them yet again for another exciting Service and join participation. We present to you the PULLBOX!



The Pullbox is a INVIATION ONLY system that allows you to pick and choose from their monthly PREVIEWS Catalog or available products they have on stock that you have set your eyes on for the months ahead! 

This in turns signals our store to place the order in for you - and sending you an invoice while keep track of the entire Shipment process.


NO wait Times, Never Missing your Favorite Issues and Variants, Personalized and tailored to you!